Importance of Nikah and Its Benefits.

 Allah created man and woman as a company for one and another. They become parents and live in peace according to the commandment of Allah and its Holy book i.e Quran. For complete life, Sunnah, Strengthen the bond, Righteous Children and temptations of Satan it is Nikah. Nikah is something that keeps you away from the pitfalls and temptations of satan. It is a civil contract in Islam that talks about mutual affection, mercy, and love between a man and his wife. Nikah gives righteous wife will enter paradise. Marriage helps to safeguard one’s Imaan (faith) i.e. it stops one from committing such acts by which he/she could be considered immoral. Sins such as intermingling with people of the opposite sex or socializing as it is classed in everyday terms are not considered to be acceptable in Islam, (because it creates immorality and immodesty) even though an incredibly large amount of people will hastily class it as an ‘essential’ part of one’s day. It is important in Islam because it gives a peaceful life as well as stable satisfaction of sex needs through lawful means. 

Our Services

Our work is not about to match the life of individuals. It is about to explore the unique services for Muslims. We are available for everyone not for someone. Using cutting edge technology and adhere to the strict way of Sunnah to help you, support you for the perfect match Insha’ Allah. In present scenario, it is not easy to find the best partner for your life. So our role is like a mother for the perfect match and sometimes we act as a substitute for a mother for providing the best services of their righteous life. When we are serious about the work then we access the internet and finding the solution. Similarly, our services are like the internet for the solution to every problem. We provide the best and secure dating that allows formulating your decision in accordance with Islam. There is a right way to find the right one which perfectly matches. Nikah in Islam means to accept everything in a right or positive way. Basically gives the sense of trustworthy. Our role for the people is to achieve the trust from both sideman and women. It is not supposed to work only for the man. We believe in the prophet Muhammad and its work towards all men and women. We offering the namaz five times in a day, Zakat, and preparing for the hajj so why we not preparing for the Sunnah. In Nikah, it is important to know more about the person. We provide genuineness, trustworthy, pureness between the partners. There is no involvement of third person in your life. Our services are in your hands and in your mind to talk freely and obtained positive feedback from your partner. We understand that your life is more important for your parents and guardian. We provide security in terms of your details, profile, and works. In short, there are no ads that come in your life only a clean and suitable partner comes. Our belief is something that attached in your mind and understand your life’s importance.  At last, we heard about your voice, wishes that related to your partner i.e we are excited about all new nikah for the man and woman. This is a reason that we are trusted by millions of users to start your journey of finding a perfect life partner with us now.

Benefits of Nikah

Marriage has great importance in Islam, it emphasizes not to delay in marriage as there is another Hadith of Prophet (SAW) related to marriage is: “Do not delay in three things;

 1. The offering of the compulsory prayer.

2. The offering of the funeral prayer when the dead body is present.

3. The marriage of a woman when her match is found.

From the above information, we can say that Nikah is more important to man and woman. It includes some important conditions on which both men and women followed according to the hadith and Sunnah.  Now we write its benefits.

In Islam, Nikah is important for both men and women. It Upbringing children teaching according to Islamic teaching and great rewards for the married couple. The greatest benefit of marriage is protection against a sinful life and the fulfillment of sexual desire through lawful means. This great benefit is the main objective of marriage and should be focused upon at the time of marriage; other benefits will then be achieved thereafter. It is basically the preparation of Jannat by obeying the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In the absence or not doing Nikah means the life of man and woman is incomplete itself. In fact, the value, as well as the image of unmarried men or women in society, is not good they actually considered incomplete people. It is referred to as not obeying the command of the prophet and it’s Sunnah.

It can be concluded that Nikah in Islam is a civil contract that provides Mutual affection, mercy, and love between a man and his wife. It definitely strengthens the bond and will bless their livelihood. We trust on it, working on it and believe in Islam and its pillars.

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